COVID-19 and our commitment to you

To our neighbors and guests:

At Glacier Park International Airport, we recognize this is a time of uncertainty, both across our country and within Montana’s borders. As schools close, restaurants turn to carry out options, and meeting sizes are reduced, the effects are being felt by our families, communities, and industries.

In particular, many travelers are understandably concerned about what is being done to manage the spread of COVID-19 at Glacier Park International Airport. Many have asked if our facility will remain open in the coming weeks. At this time, airport services have not been limited or suspended. If we receive direction from the federal government to do so, our team will act quickly to make the recommended changes and to update you.

Most immediately, Glacier Park International Airport is taking advanced measures to maintain our facility’s regular operations and to make our own intentional efforts to flatten the curve.

Cleaning practices

Glacier Park International Airport (GPIA) maintains rigorous standards for cleanliness in our facility at all times, and efforts have been enhanced as we do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. Our maintenance team has increased both cleaning frequencies and the strength of cleaning chemicals; most fixtures in GPIA restrooms and public doors are already automated or touch free.

Personal precautions

Additional hand sanitizer stations have been purchased and made available throughout the terminal for guests, airport vendors, and airport staff. GPIA is working with its own staff and on-site vendors to encourage adherence to the current recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) including frequent handwashing, coughing into an elbow, maintaining a 6 foot distance from other passengers and staff when possible, and staying home if any symptoms of illness arise.

Coordination with air carriers and TSA

Our airline partners are also working hard to maintain essential travel. Airlines and the TSA screening force at GPIA are following their respective guidelines to keep their areas clean. Airline ground crews are currently cleaning planes with increased frequency. If you have a question about a particular flight or an airline’s cleanliness practices, we encourage you to reach out directly to the air carrier.

Monitoring the situation

At GPIA, we are carefully monitoring all developments related to COVID-19 and executing on recommendations from the Flathead County Health Department, CDC and our state and federal governments. At this time, the Flathead County Health Department has not instituted the screening of passengers for domestic travel; if screening is implemented in the future, it would be a directive issued by the Flathead County Health Department. GPIA will continue to work in close collaboration with these agencies and to communicate any changes that may impact your travel experience.

In the present circumstances, we recognize the decision to fly is not made lightly and that some travel is still essential. To that end, the team at GPIA is committed to your safety and will continue to operate on the same schedule, while exercising precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are grateful to live in a community where people care. Our thanks goes out to both those who are able to practice social distancing and those who continue to serve our community in essential functions, both with the goal of flattening the curve.



Rob Ratkowski, Airport Director

Glacier Park International Airport