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Airfield Status

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» Runway 02-20 Conditions

Date Time
11/27/2015 03:58



» Friction Measurement

Runway: 02 MU All MU Values Above 40


FAA research has not been able to identify a consistent and usable correlation between these measurements and airplane braking performance.


» NOTAMS Last updated at 2015-11-27 11:57:27

There is a five minute buffer between changes in NOTAMs data displayed. Thank you for your patience.


!GPI 11/093 GPI RWY 12/30 FICON PATCHY ICE OBSERVED AT 1511261758. 1511261758-1511291800

!GPI 11/092 GPI RWY 2/20 FICON PATCHY ICE OBSERVED AT 1511261757. 1511261757-1511291800

!GPI 11/091 GPI TWY ALL FICON PATCHY ICE OBSERVED AT 1511261755. 1511261755-1511301800

!GPI 11/090 GPI APRON ALL FICON PATCHY COMPACTED SN OBSERVED AT 1511261755. 1511261755-1511301800

!GPI 11/074 GPI APRON ALL FICON 4FT SNOWBANKS OBSERVED AT 1511241730. 1511241730-1511301900


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